• Asad M. Mirza | PhD Student

    BS Biomedical Engineering, Florida International University

    My research focuses on optimizing transaortic valve replacement (TAVR) selection for a patient by conducting computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations to identify the underlying fluid environment for a particular patient. This requires reconstruction of patient geometry from CT images, creation of the TAVR systems in CAD software, and simulation using ANSYS Mechanical/Fluent. Once complete this will assist cardiologist in selecting the TAVR system that best fits a patient in terms of valve function and in reducing the chance of subclinical thrombosis.


    • McNair Fellow
    • Braman Scholar
    • SGA Scholarship
    • Bright Futures Scholarship
    • FIU Presidental
  • Brittany A. Gonzalez | PhD Student

    BS Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

    My research focuses on creating an ideal tissue engineered heart valve (TEHV) for congenital heart valve defects. This entails stem cells, a bioscaffold and a bioreactor. Once completed, the TEHVs are implanted into a non-human primate model for investigation of functionality and growth of the valve.


    • NSF Bridge to Doctorate Fellow
    • McKnight Doctoral Affiliate
  • Chia-Pei Denise Hsu | PhD Student

    BS & MS Mechanical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

    I am studying the Effects of steady and oscillatory flow on cardiovascular cell communication and phenotypic expression. Computational studies have shown certain flow profiles promote valvular and vascular tissue formation.  My research interest involves defining flow profiles that promote healthy and diseased cardiovascular phenotypes.

  • Manuel Perez | PhD Student

    BS Mechanical Engineering, MBA University of Miami; MS Biomedical Engineering, Florida International University

    Current research efforts are focused on the development of a scale-able bioreactor system to pre-condition stem cells for exosome & cell therapy research. The bioreactor system is to be used in the development of future cardiovascular therapeutic products. Goals of the bioreactor system include the ability to test for exosome production, gene expression, stem cell differentiation and De Novo tissue development.


    • NSF I-Corps Grant Award (#1644603); served as lead entrepreneur on a funded NSF I-Corps grant directed towards the commercialization of cardiovascular tissue bioreactor.
  • Yih-Mei Lin | Graduate Student

    BS, Nutrition China Medical University, Taiwan ; MS, Dietetics and Nutrition, Florida International University

    I currently work on characterizing the trophic factors of stem cell-derived exosomes from the conditioned media of a bioreactor technology. Mainly focused on exosomes isolation, protein quantification, proteomics, gene expression, and cytokines identification.

  • Amanda D. Barreto

    Undergraduate Student

    I am currently assisting in the CV-PEUTICS Lab with researching how subclinical aortic leaflet thrombosis develops in some patients that undergo transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), and what would be the most effective preventive plan for such condition.


    • MARC U*STAR Fellowship
    • Coulter Undergraduate Research Excellence (CURE) Program
    • Norman Weldon Researcher Fellowship
    • Advanced Research and Creativity in Honors (ARCH) Program
  • Ariadna Herrera

    Undergraduate Student

    I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering and a Minor in Chemistry. Currently a part of the Coulter Undergraduate Research Excellence (CURE) Program. I will be involved in performing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analyses to assist other experimental work done in the lab.

  • Elizabeth Cheng

    Undergraduate Student

    I am currently analyzing the regenerative context of oscillatory flow conditioning and gene expression of human bone marrow stem cells using the Bioflux system and RT-PCR, respectively.


    • Florida Bright Futures – Florida Academic Scholars Award
    • FIU Gold and Blue Achievement Award
  • Marcos Gonzalez Perez

    Undergraduate Student

    I currently assist in the design of a pulsatile bioreactor system for engineered heart valve tissue and other experimental work involving MATLAB, SolidWorks, and ImageJ.


    • FIU Gold and Blue Achievement Award
  • Reem Ekhraiwesh

    Undergraduate Student

    Current research efforts are focused on isolatING exosomes from conditioned media and perform sample preparation for Mass Spectrometry. Mass Spectrometry would identify which augmented levels of protein-cargo of critical importance to cardiac repair and regeneration processes.


    • Honor Transfer BCC Scholarship
    • Gold & Blue Level 1 IS Tuit-FA